22 July 2009

Our Bio In 10

1. Meet, date and fall in love at Applebees in Springfield, Missouri.

2. Get in engaged on 'mountaintop' in Branson, Missouri, and have a restrospectively hilarious and wild engagement party.

3. Get married with all of our family and friends at Kearny Baptist Church (Kearny, Missouri) and have fabulous dinner reception at Embassy Suites.

4. Live in a tiny one bedroom apartment (but it had a beautiful black countertop in the bathroom, which is why I was for it...my tastes have changed significantly), and attend Ozark Community College until we achieve our Associates degrees.

5. Move to a larger (1000 square feet...we thought it was a palace) one bedroom apartment with one and a half baths (we were living the high life), and transfer to Missouri State University where we both graduate with our Bachelors degrees. Matt Finance, Evie Secondary English Ed.

6. Matt gets first professional job at MetLife, and after much deliberation, we move to Tampa, Florida. We settle into yet again a one bedroom apartment, but we really like the apartment complex. It has palm and banana trees, ponds with fountains, and a pool and workout room. Wow. We had made it.

7. 6 months in, Evie gets a position at Plant High School (great school), and is quickly initiated into the teaching profession. That summer, we move to a TWO bedroom apartment. (Does it get any better?!) Happy hours, lots of movie nights, excursions to the beach, trips to see my parents, late night soccer games, and scuba diving engulf our time.

8. Move back to Missouri for Matt to pursue the Insurance Industry. Matt has awful experience at first, but things start looking up our second year back. Buy Matt's dad's investment home (THREE bedrooms!!!). Evie drives one hour to work at Reeds Spring High, and can't stand it when she hears people (students and teachers) say things like "I seen him in the hall." Later, however, Evie's bff moves back to Springfield also, lives with her for a few months, and gets a job at the same school! Can you say "carpool?"

9. Move to St. Louis for Matt to run his own agency! Live with Matt Harris for a few months to get our barrings, then move into a loft in downtown St. Louis (two bedrooms, no walls, no doors, great kitchen, fabulous windows). Evie now can walk to work if she desires! Evie works at horrible urban school that makes her want to switch careers. Matt deals with ups and downs at the agency, but is doing well.

10. Evie convinces Matt to get a cute little white puppy. We name him Teagan, and he ushers us into the world of responsibility. Evie gets pregnant, quits aforementioned awful school and prepares for baby! Noah joins us and makes us so so happy!

Year 11...here we come!
Happy 10 Years Love!


Marisa Eash said...

I'm reading this entry, following along like a story and then it was like, boom, boom, boom, #'s 9 and 10 a lot happened in what seemed like a short time. Okay, so what's my point? I don't know, just an weird "Marisa observation." HaHa. Anyway, good "story."

The Edgren Family said...

Have loved reading all of your 10 year memories! Especially have enjoyed learning more about Matt and his hilarious sleep talking! HAppy anniversary! Love you!

Shanna Gourley said...

Love this. You make me laugh!