01 December 2009


Matt and I dedicated Noah at church on November 21, and then we celebrated with friends and family at Rigazzi's Italian afterward. During the service, as we stood up front, Noah made the light sign because of all the bright lights shining on us. So cute! His picture got quite the response when it flashed up, and it was cool to see him on the big screen. It was a special evening, made even more special by Matt saying some loving words before our meal began. We were also celebrating the dedications of two of our friends, Lee Moore and Kye Malone. Sharing the night with close friends was perfect!standing on stage

left, malone family. right, moore family

noah on the big screen


Kyle said...

Congrats guys. Noah looks great. It is amazing how much more grown up he seems since the days when Evie came over to help us when Marisa's ankle was hurt. All these kids grow and change so fast! I can't help my curiousity: Why all the black and white photos? In any case, they are great.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

Such wonderful moments! Continue to teach that little man about Jesus!