30 December 2009

Candlelight Symphony

Friend Gina invited me to her Bach Society Christmas Candlelight Concert at Powell Symphony Hall, and it changed my life! The music was heavenly and moving...the kind that takes you to another place. Several times throughout the concert I got goose bumps or tears. Gina even had a solo which was just ridiculous...this girl needs to be performing in NYC or London or somewhere other than Saint Louis! Serious talent. On top of the astounding performances, Powell Hall itself was spectacular. It was so old, so full of character, so majestic. The perfect setting for hundreds of instruments and voices to come together.

(I sneaked a picture during Gina's performance. She's the girl standing on the right at the front of the stage.)
Matt and I were out of luck on the baby sitter front, so he stayed home with Noah, and I hitched along with lovely friend Marisa and her hubby, Kyle. Marisa and Kyle have been to this concert every year for...a long time. I don't remember the exact number!
I hope to make this an annual tradition for me and Matt. He would have really enjoyed the concert as well. Hopefully we'll have some babysitters lined up by this time next year!


Hammocks and High Tea said...

How fun! I love beautiful things like this. We always used to go to a Midnight Mass in historical Williamsburg when we lived in VA. It was so peaceful and magical.

Gina said...

I'm just reading this now, Evie! I'm seriously behind on blogging/reading others' blogs. Thanks for posting these pictures. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself =).