04 December 2009

New Tradition

I love holiday traditions, and this year we're starting a new one. Inspired by my friend EJ, we put together an Advent Calendar made out of socks for Noah. Each day, Noah and I go to the corresponding sock, aka, mini-stocking, and pull out either an activity, a treat, or a small gift. The purpose for us is to count down to Christmas and as my sis-in-law, Marsa` says, it will help get us in the Christmas spirit! So far, it's been really fun. I've had to change around a couple activities already, but hey, it's my first year, and with a one year old and a sick hubby, plans don't always come to fruition!

The ultimate stocking Advent Calendar will be made of knitted stockings with embroidered numbers, but I've got to learn how to knit first! So for now, we're sticking with socks. The shining "GAP" logo, is totally subtracting from the overall effect, but what to do! They had the cutest socks I could find. (Thanks to Grams for helping to supply all the socks!)

So far we've:
1-gotten a Christmas Tree (didn't happen due to sick hubby)
2-made Christmas Cookies
3-gotten new Christmas PJ's and written a letter to Santa
4-Noah will get a special treat on our way down to Springfield

We're going to Springfield today to celebrate Brian's 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday Brian. We love you so much!

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The Edgren Family said...

What a fun idea! Where did the mini stockings come from...and I'd love all your list of activities!!