24 December 2009

A Month of Advent

(thanks to the purl bee for this great idea and photo)

Creating our own Advent calendar this year was really fun, and I think...I know, each year will get more and more enjoyable as Noah grows and becomes aware of it's meaning. And as he does, I will have to get more disciplined and organized when it comes to following the scheduled activities! Here were our activities/treats/gifts throughout the month:

1. got a Christmas Tree (didn't happen due to sick hubby)
2. made Christmas Cookies
3. got new Christmas PJ's and wrote a letter to Santa
4. Noah got to eat oatmeal raisin cookies on our way down to Springfield.
5. We were supposed to watch a Christmas movie...didn't happen.
6. got a Christmas tree
7. Noah got to eat special Christmas cookies, and we decorated the tree.
8. Noah got a slinky!
9. Wrote/colored on Christmas cards for Grams and Pops and Nana and Papa and mailed them.
10. Wrote/colored on Christmas cards for uncle Ben and aunt Marsa` and uncle Brian and aunt J
11. supposed to hang Christmas lights outside (actually did this the same day we decorated tree)
12. Noah got another treat. (to be honest, I don't remember what this was!)
13. Noah got a new book from Grams.
14. Today we chose three toys to give to the Salvation Army. (we still need to drop them off!)
15. We made Christmas cookies.
16. Today we read and were supposed to memorize Luke 2:11 (didn't do the memorization part...mommy is a slacker!)
17. Noah was supposed to get a new winter hat (i recently got him two new ones, so i didn't feel this activity was necessary.)
18. We were supposed to create a Christmas craft.
19. We opened gifts with Brian, Janet, and the boys at Nana and Papa's house.
20. Opened gifts with Aunt Sarah and Lula.
21. were supposed to make a Christmas tree ornament...didn't happen.
22. were supposed to color a picture and send to grandparents, instead we played with our friends Aidan, Reese and Finny.
23. made pecan goodies and triple chocolate chip cookies
24.were supposed to read The Night Before Christmas (couldn't find the book). We went to Christmas Eve service, then came home, had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner, lit all our candles, read the Christmas story in Luke, drank hot chocolate, opened one gift each, and then watched a Christmas movie (The Most Wonderful Time of the Year). After Noah went to bed, we put out all of our gifts under the tree; 95% of them are for Noah!

The one gift Noah opened tonight was a V-Tech electronic learning puppy from Grams and Pops. As soon as he saw it he said "ooooohh!" It was such a genuine reaction, and we were SO sad we didn't get it on video. He played with his new puppy until he had to go to bed. I think we have a winner. Way to go Grams and Pops!

Tomorrow is Christmas and I think I'm more excited than Noah. I can totally understand why my parents waited until we went to bed to put out all the gifts, and then made us wait until they had the camera set for us to walk out into the living room to see the tree in all of its 'gift glory.' I'm hoping Noah will notice that the living room has been moved around and gifts have been strategically placed. The stage is set! I am telling myself that he is only 16 months, so his reaction could be nothing at all. I'm prepared for that...may be. Wish us luck!

Merry Christmas!

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Shanna Gourley said...

Love this calendar. It is soooo my style. I think i have to steal the idea, and i have a year to finish it.