27 December 2009

White Christmas

What a beautiful Christmas morning we had!

The only thing that could have made it better would have been the presence of my beloved family; but otherwise, it was just splendid! (I'm watching The Sound of Music right now and am inspired to use the word "splendid.")

Noah was in a fantastic mood and came down the stairs smiling and jibber-jabbering.

Noah was a great gift-opener! He said "ooooohhh" at several of his presents. This was one he loved...a toy phone from me and daddy.
He also got lots of new books! A couple from us, several from grams and pops, and several more from uncle Ben and aunt Marsa`. We love books here in the Stark house, so they were perfect gifts! We've already read each one.
Here's the little one playing with his new blocks from nana and papa. He also received wooden blocks from uncle Ben and aunt Marsa`, and he loves them all! He's really in to stacking them up and then knocking them down. Grams and pops taught him to do this with the few rubber blocks we have, and he gets the biggest kick out of it. Perhaps all these new building toys will inspire a little architect! (daddy helped with the construction below)
This was one of Noah's fav's...the V-Tech electronic learning puppy from Grams and Pops mentioned in my previous post. You can see the "ooooohhh" on his lips. So cute.
We drank hot cocoa and hot tea, opened gifts, filled our bellies with spinach/bacon quiche and pumpkin bread, played with Noah on his new slide, watched movies, enjoyed apple cobbler for Pie Noon, watched more movies, had a delicious Christmas dinner, and finally ended the day with yet more movies. It was absolutely delightful! It was so nice to have nana and papa to celebrate with us. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without any grandparents around.
Thank you Jesus for such a merry Christmas, and we pray for another happy year with our Noah.
Hope yours was just as joyful! Happy New Year friends and family.


The Edgren Family said...

Can't believe you got a white Christmas! Looks like Noah had lots of fun, as I'm sure you did too just watching him.

Hammocks and High Tea said...

Your house looks gorgeous with the snow! It's kind of nice that Noah got two Christmases...one by himself. I liked that about Lu's first Christmas...although I'm really looking forward to the chaos that three toddlers will afford next Christmas! That will be way more fun than the gifts!