08 December 2009

Sunday Whirlwind

We really packed in the activities this past Sunday.

We went to church at 9am,

then we had brunch with Santa at Matt Harris's country club with his clan,
we sat with Santa, but did not enjoy it,

we checked out Shanna's tree design at the Children's Hospital Tree Display,

we swung on our new swing Pops built,

we hung out in the backyard,

we went to Ted Drews to find Noah's first Christmas tree,we strapped the tree on top and headed for home,
we watched daddy get the tree ready to bring in,
we helped daddy put the Christmas tree stand together,
and we helped daddy get the tree in place.
It was a busy day, but a really good one! One to remember.

1 comment:

marseille said...

haha, that face! he did not like santa clause. maybe next year.