30 December 2009

A Stark Christmas

Brian and Janet were heading to Oklahoma this Christmas, so we celebrated with them the weekend before Christmas. Matt, Noah and I headed down to Kimberling City on that Friday night, and we were able to have dinner with friends Steve and Amanda, their family and Janet and the boys. It was a fun night catching up with one another. It's been entirely too long since we hung out with the Livingston clan, and I couldn't believe how big their kids have gotten! Made me feel really old. ( I am almost 31! Yikes!)
On Saturday we spent the day with the whole family. I just love family get-togethers around the holidays. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July...whatever! I LOVE holidays! However, Christmas is the most special! As stated in this post, there are so many things that warm my heart when it comes to Christmastime, and being with family is very high on that list. So, spending the day playing with Parker and Tyler, watching Noah interact with them more than he's been able to up to this point, chatting and baking with Debbie and Janet, opening gifts with all the boys, eating a wonderful meal and delicious desserts, all added up to a beautiful day. I'm always sad when I can't be around my family, so I'm blessed in that I always have a good time with the Stark crew. They are my family too, and I love them so very much!


Christmas tree and gifts before the madness ensued!

Nana and Noah

Bow Boy

Noah wanted to put on his new cardigan sweater immediately.

matching sleeping bag backpacks from Papa
a special Bible storybook from aunt J and uncle Brian

after the gift opening craziness

eating at the kids' table...Noah wants his fork back

Parker the tool man Stark

hanging out at aunt J's and uncle Brian's before driving back to Saint Louis

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